The International Institute of Research in Ethics and Biomedicine (IIREB), founded in May 2001, is a virtual Institute, aiming to stimulate international co-operation of research in biomedical ethics, and also to establish an international inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional network.

IIREB's mission is also educational since it will allow young researchers and professors/researchers to gain experience through funding internships.

By sharing its reflections with the community and by promoting societal involvement, IIREB's contribution in the field of biomedical ethics research will benefit society.

The Institute strives to be international by undertaking multilateral partnerships worldwide.

IIREB is co-hosted by the Laboratoire d'éthique médicale, de droit de la santé et de santé publique of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Necker, directed by Professor Christian Hervé; and by the Centre de recherche en droit public (CRDP) at the University of Montreal, directed by Professor Bartha Maria Knoppers.

Last update: 11/12/09
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